Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Kid Whisperer

The family and I love to go to book stores. Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, Borders, (lots of B's there), no matter which. We go, get a latte and browse. Ninety percent of the time, I get (stuck) to watch Isabel in the kids section while David and Jacob disappear into the bowels of the beast.

Isabel loves to pick several (SEVERAL) books for me to read to her. I'll start to read one and she's already off for another.

Around the time I start to read, other little people start to hover (little people - I think I got that saying from Amy B over at her Foil Hat blog.) I think I have a nice voice. It's deep and I enunciate well. I am expressive when I read, changing my voice depending on the character. Little people scoot a little close. By the time I am done, Isabel may be off somewhere, but I am reading to someone else's kid(s). I find it amusing. Sometimes, when I am done, a child will hand me another book and say "Read this one!" while the parent starts to embarrassingly object. I wave them off, smiling, and start reading, all the while trying to get Isabel to pay attention. Is it that she's so used to us reading to her each and every night, so she's blaze' about it? Maybe. Maybe these kids just love a good read. Cause I do give a good read.


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