Monday, September 15, 2014

Savannah-Bound: Savannah, the Next Day

Although the plan was to sleep in, Isabel's not really a late sleeper.  She woke, got dressed, and in the process woke me up too.  We left David sleeping and went to explore the hotel and maybe find something to eat.

We found a Starbucks in the hotel, had some muffins and drinks, and then went exploring.

A gorgeous Chihuly hangs in the second floor entrance to the hotel's restaurant.  My favorite colors.

Decoration for an Indian wedding taking place that morning.

The view of downtown Savannah's waterfront from our hotel.

After exploring, we woke David, got packed and left out beautiful resort, to head back over hte bridge to Savannah.  We parked in the visitor's center, where parking was free on Sundays. Hooray.

We entered the visitor's center, got free maps, bought a Self-Guided Tour of Savannah book and headed out on foot.

I took WAY too many pictures. I'll post the ones that I like most.

Sorrel-Weed house.

Guardians of the Nicholas Kruger House. Each of these birds is holding a round stone between its wings.
If the bird would fall asleep. he'd drop the ball on his foot, waking him up to continue his vigil.

Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church

Hamilton-Turner Mansion, believed to be haunted by the Hamilton children.
 The house was featured in the book "Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil." 
The Hamilton-Turner
mansion was visited by Walt Disney. It became the inspiration for his "Haunted Mansion."

We walked for almost two hours before FINALLY stopping to eat at the waterfront.  I was cranky and hungry and tired.   Being Labor Day weekend, it was crazy-packed.  We waited an hour and 10 minutes to eat at the Pirate's House.  Memo if visiting: MAKE RESERVATIONS!  If you make reservations, you get seated immediately.  I wasn't greatly impressed.  Tourist restaurant with tourist fare.  

After eating, we continued on our tour, heading back to the car in the process.  Savannah has SO much history.  It was beautiful.  I can't understand anyone being in Savannah and not loving the history and the gorgeous buildings everywhere.

We drove home that evening, Sunday, because David had to work Monday night, and we didn't feel like spending another night in a hotel.  

What a fun, spontaneous weekend getaway!

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Niki said...

So much FUN!
I love spontaneity.