Friday, September 12, 2014

Savannah-Bound: Savannah First Night

Back to the Labor Day weekend vacation:

We drove over the bridge that goes from Savannah to a small island between Savannah and S. Carolina to get to our FREE hotel, the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa.

Driving over the bridge to get to our hotel.

 There was ZERO parking.  The parking lot, usually a fee-to-use lot, was wide open and there was NO WHERE to park.  Cars were double-parked, parked in fire lanes, etc.  I know it was Labor Day weekend, but what the what?  David dropped us off while he went back to circling.

We learned that there were not one, but two weddings being held this evening. Hence the free parking / no parking situation.  We ended up parking on this bridge, pictured above, until later in the evening (way later) when the wedding guests had gone.

Our view from the room!  Wedding party # 1 on the left, leaving. Wedding # 2, nit started yet, on the right.

We decided to give Isabel an hour in the pool before we jumped on the free ferry to take us across to the historic Savannah waterfront for dinner.

The waterfront of Downtown Savannah is behind us. We have to take a ferry to get there.

The hotel as seen from our deck chairs.
We went upstairs so Isabel could change and then caught the ferry over to the mainland.  It was busy. Lots of traffic, lots of people, and in my opinion, not very kid-friendly at night. I was a little disappointed at my first taste of Savannah.  

We were starving and EVERY restaurant we stopped at had over an hour-long wait.  Isabel was sagging.  It was past her bed time.  We ended up at Tubby's on the second floor of a building.  The wait was over an hour. We had no choice.  Tons of people, some getting seated way before other's who had been there longer, making people angry and leave, and then suddenly, random young staff guy walks over to us, sees Isabel lying on my lap, and whispers "Just the 3 of you?"  I nod.  He says "I got a booth, want it?"  DO I?  I get up, call David and hurry after the young man before anyone notices that we just jumped ahead of a bunch of people who are downstairs listening to live music and watching artists paint.

Two very tired ladies.

David plays games with Isabel to distract her from being so tired.

We had a good dinner. Mine was the best meal of the three of us.  Parmesan chicken alfredo over linguine with mushrooms, spinach and garlic.  SO GOOD.

The building the restaurant was in had many levels.
We walked back to the Ferry stop, took the ferry, David moved the car to a real parking space, and off to sleep we went.

Our hotel, from the ferry.

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