Monday, November 4, 2013

The Ten Year Blanket

Once upon a time, David and I got pregnant. We decided that as a couple, we would cross-stitch an amazing afghan for our daughter. Yes, my husband cross stitches too. We're meant to be.

We decided on a Precious Moments book with lots of patterns and chose one with a baby, an angel and animals in the middle, and the entire alphabet around the afghan.  Our deal was, I did the middle, he did the name and date in the middle and then we would split the alphabet going around.

Thinking that there was NO WAY this girl was going to be anything but dark like Jacob was, I did this:

I made her dark.  We continued doing the work, little by little. I finished all my letters and my middle section.  David was still working away on his section.

Then, she was born.

I proceeded to remove the dark hair and make her a blonde, while I waited for David to finish his letters.

We moved. The blanket was packed away. We forgot about it until this 2009 or so, when I grabbed the bag it was in and asked David if he was going to finish it. Fast forward four more years.  Still not done.

 She will be TEN in March of 2014!  So this year, I finished all of the letters he did not do.

*feet sold separately

Ta Daaaaa! Isabel's baby blanket.
Ten Years in the Making!

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