Friday, November 29, 2013

Gobble Gobble

I hope you all had a great Thankgiving! We certainly did.

Wednesday night, Brenda drove up after work. We hung out with two dozen Dunkin Donuts she brought up.  She started marinating and prepping the pork loin for the following day's feast.  She had also brought with her an early Christmas present for our daughter. She, my dad, my mom and my grandpa all pitched in to get Isabel a GINORMOUS dollhouse. Jake and she snuck it into the house and upstairs while she was sleeping that night. Then Brenda and I finally got around to putting it four in the morning.  We never slept.  We were done with it around...7:30 a.m. and then we went downstairs to start the prep work for the day's feast.

When dad arrived, they presented Isabel with the house.

I ran upstairs to get a hair rubber band. When I came back down to prep the turkey, this is what I found.

We hadn't slept.  This is what Brenda does when she's loopy.

Dad arrived, soon followed by little sis Vicky, her husband Damian and their daughter Ava.

We ate and ate and ate, so then we decided to go for a walk. Dad left for home.

My dad and my kids

Dad, big sis Brenda, niece Ava and her mommy, my little sister Vicky.

The Walking Gluttons

Jake took some videos for Vine.  This first one is because we keep saying "Ew" like Jimmy Fallon's "ew!" skits.

It's muted, so you'll need to unmute.  You can also click on it to stop it.

When we came back, we hung out. David and Damian watched "Man of Steel" while Jacob, Brenda, Vicky and I played "Apples to Apples."  While this was going on, this happened.

Unmute it.  Click to stop.

They left Saturday morning.  It was a good time.

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