Saturday, November 9, 2013

Peter Pan, Matte Mani, and Mickey

 I truly just adore this Peter Pan design.  Michael, John, and Wendy Darling following Peter to Nevernever land.  It is not my own, and the person who I copied from is WAY better at it than me, but I still adore them.

Here, I wanted to try my Orly Matte Top Coat, so I painted my nails a midnight blue, topped them with the matte coat and then painted on a french tip.  Not bad, but I found the matte coat wore off as the day progressed and the "shiny" came back.  Oddly enough, I tried a cheap matte coat I bought at Wal-mart on the other hand, and it lasted longer than the expensive Orly.

These Mickey nails were cute, from this YouTube video.  I had a nail glue incident right before this, which is funny NOW, but a little panic-inducing when it happened. (stuck two fingers together. That stuff is NO JOKE.) Weirdly enough, I like my right hand better, and I drew that with my left hand (not left handed.)

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Niki said...

You should do a whole hand of polka-dots!