Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Paint Dripping, MLP Friendship is Magic, & Hulk Smashing

Don't you just hate it when you spill paint?

Isabel wanted My Little Pony Friendship is Magic nails.  There was no way I could paint ponies on her nails, so we decided instead to paint "Cutie Marks" on them instead.

White with blue diamond is Rarity's cutie mark.  Red Apples are on
Applejack's cutie mark.  Pinkie Pie has yellow and red balloons as her mark.

After working on her left hand, she lost patience and left.  :)  I never got to make Twilight, Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash's cutie marks.

I was just playing with colors and it just looked like The Hulk to me.

This next picture is completely fantastic, in that I did not do these at all.   Isabel  decided she missed having the Power Puff girls on her hands and asked if she could do them.  With instructions and techniques from me, she did these all by herself!!

Bubble, Blossom, and Buttercup.  SO COOL, ISABEL!

I did her right hand because that would have required her to use her left hand and she was not confident with it.

Lastly, I created these nails based off of something my sister Vicky pinned or posted.  The one she liked was more of a Tiffany blue, and actually in person, the nails looks less baby blue and more aqua.  SO cool to see come together,

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Niki said...

you are really getting good at this!
Love the Hulk ones