Friday, September 13, 2013


Isabel's taking dancing classes.  She's SO not coordinated.  Sadly, she does not have my Puerto-Rican rhythm.  I love her gumption though.  She's taking dance classes, dagnabit!

She took classes during the summer.  The class was mixed ages because it was summer.  This fall, she's in an age-appropriate class with kids ages 7-10.  She's had ups and downs.  She is very much like her big brother; if they can't get it right the first time, they get upset and quit.  This I do not understand.  I have explained to her over and over "These are dance lessons.  So you can LEARN.  This is supposed to be fun.  There are no tears in dancing."

This week, the class was in low attendance.  The chatty gal that tends to get herself (and Isabel) into trouble was not there.  Isabel was focused and for once, no tears!  I was very excited.

Her dance instructor is a high school classmate of Jacob's.  They graduated the same year and share all the same friends.  The instructor's mom goes to my church and is the lady that gave me the "Shine" award for my  volunteering efforts.  She's a nice gal who I am sure was not sure what to do over Isabel's tears.  We were both happy about this most recent lesson.

I asked if I could record the class so Isabel could practice her dancing at home and she & the other parents were ok with it.  Of course, my hi-def video camera was at home, so I used my craptastic non-Smart phone video recorder.  Ugh.

The two kids in the front are doing separate dance moves while Isabel and the older kids dance on the "stage" a few beats later.  They are rehearsing for a December showcase.

I just want to pinch her, she is so darned cute!  She's just trying her darndest, God bless her.  :)

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