Friday, September 6, 2013

Enjoy the Moment While It's Actually Happening

We're so stuck to our phones and mobile devices.   I don't have a smart phone, mainly because I refuse to raise my cell phone bill even higher than it already is.  I have a computer at work and at home; I'm good for now.  The men in the house, though, have smart phones. So we go to dinner, and Isabel and I are doing the talking because David's racing a car on his phone or crushing some candy and Jake's doing whatever it is he does on his smart phone. There we are, Is and I, playing tic-tac-toe or coloring on the kids' paper menu, while the boys have their smart phones.

Text messages are  the norm for communication.  I know several people who won't answer their cells and won't even listen to voice mails; they delete them.  If you want them, text them. Pop in to  Facebook &  post about having your baby, and then forget to call your best friend, who is rarely on FB,  to tell them.  True Story.   It makes me sad.

I've seen this video shared by several  people this week.

I just want to enjoy what I am doing while it's actually happening.  I don't want to ignore people I am eating a meal with to take a picture of said meal and post it online.  I sound old-fashioned and anti-technology.  I don't hate Smart Phones. They are amazing and give us so much information at high speed.   When I am driving and need to find something out like a location, or random trivia, my son whips out his Smart Phone and has the answer for me in seconds.  It's wonderful.

What I don't like is visiting with people and they're all on their phones.  I'm sitting there, wishing I had a book with me.  Or better yet, wishing I was talking to them. enjoying the moment while it's actually happening.

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