Sunday, May 13, 2012

Writing on Walls

I have a friend who writes on her walls.  Really cute saying all over the tops of her walls at home.  I would LOVE to do this.  Love, love, love, but for one thing. I write like a 5th grader.  No joke.  My handwriting is HORRIBLE.

I was perusing Etsy because I <3 Etsy and found several stores selling vinyl wall art.  I found a seller who had some Harry Potter quotes, Bush Creations, so I had a conversation with her regarding fonts and such and ended up buying one of her items.

Since I am handicapped at the moment (still) with my knee, I had Jacob do the work.  This is for the upstairs movie/tv/pop culture loft.



Niki said...

So fun!

♥♦ Be Happy ♦♥ said...

Oh so you're the one that told me about that. I thought I saw it on tv. lol