Saturday, May 19, 2012

One Last Concert

It's a time for many "lasts" for my son.  So bitter-sweet,  May 14th was his last choral performance as a high school senior.  I wish his senior year had been as awesome as his junior year, with regards to choir.

He did not get into any choir classes this year.  Try as they might, they (guidance and Jake) could not figure out a way to fit a choir class in, so everything he did this year was because he met with the choir teacher before school, during lunches or after school.  Because he was not in any classes, he didn't get many solos.  He also had conflicts with drama that hindered his choir rehearsing.  He sings well; I wanted more for him his senior year, but c'st la vie.  That's what he gets for taking FIVE AP classes.  Crazy.

Here are the first of several videos from Monday night's performances.  First up we have "Teal Sound," a five-man acapella group Jacob is in, singing "Come Travel With Me."  Jake, of course, is the hairy-faced one second from the left.

Next we have "Encore."  Encore is a mixed auditioned choir; you have to audition to get in.  This one's long and you can't see Jacob well; he's the 3rd guy in from the left side.  Here they are performing a "Phantom of the Opera" medley.


I'll post more later.  I have "Isabel" videos to post!  :)

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