Friday, May 4, 2012

Knee Update: The Unveiling

The Saturday after surgery was a non-eventful day.  Just more coloring on it by Isabel, more pain pills in my mouth.  The pain was steadily getting worse, not better.

Sunday, a horrible pain day,  I was finally able to take off the darned wrapping!!

It's not gross, but maybe it is, I don't know. warned I guess.  (If you're on the main blog page, click the "read more" link)

This below is my entire leg.  No, it's not jaundiced.  It's iodine-covered.  That iodine wash caused the batting to get stuck to my leg, causing Isabel to state I had "old man hairy leg."

Check out how swollen it is.  Notice the "Yes."  They must have asked me 5 or 6 times, over and over, to verify what leg I was getting operated on.  They did not want ANY errors with regards to what leg they were operating on.

When the doctor asked me for the 4th time that morning which leg, David interjected "both," to which the doctor replied, "At this stage in the game, that's not something we care to joke about."  I think it's akin to making "bomb jokes" at the airport.  David muttered under his breath to me "I wasn't joking!" (my right knee could use work too, but not like my left.) and I told him to be quiet already.

This shot below we dubbed "The Sad Monster."

Do you know how hard it is to take a shower on a sore leg.  HARD.  I could wash the sore leg all day long; I was supporting myself with the good leg.  When it was time to wash the good leg?!?  Not so much.

It's been a little over 2 weeks now.  I started physical therapy on Monday because the muscles are so sore, I can't flatten my knee to the ground when I lie flat on my back.  Doc had to push my leg down on the table when I went to my post-surgery appointment.  The physical therapist is hard on me, but it does work.

I hobble like a rotund grandma.  The two-story house I adore is temporarily my nemesis; stupid stairs.  The walker is now kind-of a pain, the crutches hurt and the cane (named Abel) does half the job.  *sigh*

It can only get better.  

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