Monday, May 7, 2012

Congratulations Joss

Congratulations Joss Whedon on your devastating arse-kickery this weekend!

Slight spoilers in this post; YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


Of course I am going to think it's fantastic, right? It's Joss.  Hello, look at the title of my blog?  It's a "Buffy" episode title, for Pete's sake!

But you know what? So did all the people who gave it over $207 Million in just domestic sales.  This Fan Girl is SO happy for him!

Joss balanced having sooo many characters and soo many back stories quite nicely with the time he had.  Everyone got a little bit and I very-much enjoyed it.

My eyes are a little tired from all the eye-candy too.  Loki? Hawk? Thor? Captain America? Stark?  Hellloooooo Nurse!

Captain America's loneliness was very-much felt. Poor guy.  I love his old-fashioned was of behaving and talking and liked that he ended up being the leader by group consensus.  They all gravitated towards his honesty and integrity.

Stark is Stark; great lines, self-absorbed, narcissistic but he did have growth in this film.  A selfless act?  No way! 

Ruffalo's Banner was great.  We were a bit worried; another Hulk?  Joss wrote the perfect angst, the perfect contained rage.  When Banner says his secret is that he's always angry, it made me so sad for him.  Such a poignant statement.

As the Hulk, Joss had me on the floor!  The entire audience at my sold-out Saturday afternoon screening was clapping, cheering and laughing to bust a gut at the Hulk's sucker-punch.  His scene with "puny god" Loki was the best.  Hulk stole the movie.

I'm not too familiar with Hawk the character, but Renner is an old Whedon Alum (Angel) and I am glad for his success now that he's paid his dues.  And he's hot.

The Black Widow is another character I don't know, so I can't say if Joss wrote her true to form, but I can say he wrote her well.  She can "work" you when you think you're working her; it was fun to watch first the Russian and then Loki realize their mistakes in front of her.  Also nice to see Joss writing yet another strong, powerful female.

(Hold the Phone:  Alexis Denisof played "The Other?"  What?  Wesley Windham Pryce?  Whaaaaaa? )

I could hear Joss in the script: "He's adopted."  "Not so much."  "Clench Up, Legolas."  I heard Joss' voice  I could also see his Firefly-esque camera shots in the main New York fight scenes.

It was action-packed (Duh) and will be a great jumping-off point for "Thor 2" and  "Captain America 2" as well.

Way to go, Whedon!

*doing Snoopy Dance*

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