Thursday, September 22, 2011

Remember New York?

Remember how Jacob went to sing in New York with a choir of kids and adults from all around Florida?

Read here.

Also here.  Here and here too.  I'll wait for you to catch up.

Since I did not get to go, we've been waiting and waiting since June for someone, anyone, to post videos.

Finally they have!  Yay!  Jacob can be found in the front row, right near the piano, with his longish, shaggy hair.  Jacob just told me that, looking back through the program, Jacob was only one of two high school basses; of all the high school students, only two were bass singers, and Jacob was one of them.  The rest were adult or professional singers; 13 in all, only 2 from high school.

Yes, there are a lot of videos.  I am a mom.  I want to see them all.  But take your time.  :)  Jacob's favorite is the 6th one down, "All Works of Love," by Joan Szymko, with lyrics by Mother Teresa.  

Also check out the 9th, and final, one: "Musical Risotto."  Cracks me up!

Of this this one below., "Johnny-O & Sally Anne," Jacob said "Psssshh.  This one was hard!"

This one is a favorite of mine.

The closing number makes me laugh. But oh!  They did not film the tv screens, so you can't see why it's funny.  BUMMER!  There are tv screens off to the side "Musical Risotto," by Jonathan Willcocks.

If you want to see why people are chuckling, you can see their May practice performance I posted on this post here: Practice for New York.  The first video shows the tv screens.

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