Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Practice for New York

Jacob is singing in New York!  He, along with high school students from several Florida schools are joining the Festival Singers of Florida on a trip to New York to sing !

So, on May 21, 2011, the group did a performance at the First United Methodist Church of Orlando; a little preview of what they will be performing, and a chance to see it, since we won't be attending.

Here are a few videos for your viewing pleasure.  The camera work on this first video (which is actually the last song of the night) is horrendous.  My apologies.  I was trying to get the words on the screens and end up blurring and moving  lot.   When the two sopranos do their solos, you can see Jacob smiling, about 4 rows behind them.  

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Big Sis.....Jacob's Titi said...

Good safe trip to all. We are so proud of Jacob!