Friday, June 10, 2011

Start Spreading the News.....

He wants to be a part of it, New York, New York!!!!

My son is in New York as I type for the concert he will be singing in tomorrow.  Rehearsals, sightseeing and lots of dining-out fun.  He flew out yesterday and Mother-Hen that I am was all panicked because David just wanted to drop him off at the outside door of the departures section of the airport.

What if he gets flustered?  What if he doesn't know which way to go? Who will help him?

Yea, I know.  He's 17.  Cut the cord.

David won out (along with Jacob saying "Moooooom, alright already!")  and he was dropped off at the curb.  He called from the gate to inform me he made it through check-in, security and the tram without any national  incident and had met up with 3 fellow travelers.


I probably won't have pictures because he did not take a camera.  He said he'd use his cell phone, so maybe I can get some from him when he returns.  Stay tuned!

(Hi Niki!)

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Niki said...

Thank goodness... not dead!
missed you :-)