Monday, July 25, 2011

So, What'll We Do Now?

We finally watched "Happy Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 2."

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*sniff*  *sniff*

I seriously need a hug.

The movie was great fun.  Several things were changed (the kiss and where/how it happened,) some things were added (the Luna/Neville thing, which I liked; the extended battle scene) but all in all, I loved it.

I am glad they added the "19 years later" and I personally think they did a great job aging them.  They looked great.  Malfoy was over-done, but the rest looked like the aged gracefully and I don't think they under-did it at all.

Seeing Severus' death scene was rough.  I remember reading book 6 and then telling friends online "Severus is not bad. I bet you he did what he did because Dumbledore asked him to."   His flashback scenes with Lily etc. in the pensieve were some of my favorite scenes.

I also got weepy when McGonagall called forth the men to protect Hogwarts and the following scenes with all the teachers casting protection spells.  I was SO excited to see that they did not cut Molly's "Stay away from my daughter, you B*&%h!" (or something like that) quote when fighting Bellatrix.  That...was awesome.

As we're walking out of the theater, the woman in front of us says to her date/husband/male companion "So, what'll we do now? No more Harry Potter movies."  David turned around to see if I had heard and I said "I know!"


Big sis said...

I want to watch all the movies again when this one comes out on DVD

Niki said...

still haven't seen it...