Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

Little Miss Isabel is taking swimming lessons at the YMCA.  Little Miss can't even stand water on her face from the shower, imagine her dismay at taking swimming classes!  But living in this state, with many people owning pools, she must learn, whether or not she likes it.

I sent a quick text message to 3 of my 4 sisters asking them to send an encouraging text each to David's phone for Isabel.  (I was at work; he is taking her to classes.)   All three did.  One of them, who teaches at a school sent this quick video.

SO sweet, I got teary-eyed.  It's her class telling Isabel she can do it!

She is one of 6 kids in her group and the only girl.

 After the 1st session, she's actually excited to be going back tomorrow.


Niki said...

Swimming is AWESOME!
I got a pool and learned to swim when i was 5. Now that i live in an apartment, i really, really do not understand how civilized people survive without a pool.
Good luck to Isabel - she's gonna LOVE it!

Big Sis said...