Monday, September 6, 2010

There's MAGIC at Downtown Disney, Mom!

We spent Labor Day with our letterboxing friend Dawn (aka Sits N Knits) at Downtown Disney. David had to work later that evening and opted out of going and wearing himself out.

It really was not busy, because most Northern tourists are back home today preparing for the first day of school tomorrow. It was busy for a Monday, but definitely not busy for a summer day. What is was, was HOT.

We met up and ate lunch at T-Rex. It was all our our first time going there. It's just like the Rainforest Cafe, only Dino-themed.

Kaaren & Dawn (aka Kaaren the Vampire Slayer and Sits N Knits to you all on AQ.)

We were sitting right below this guy, but could not see him. We had to get up and walk around a bit to get a better shot.

Every few minutes, the place would get dark and a "meteor shower" would occur. Isabel was scared the first time it happened but eventually got used to it.

The food was pricey (it's Disney) but good (it's Disney).

Dawn got the fish tacos. Yum!

Here's another room where customers got treated to ever-changing wall colors.

Jake stops by the "Kitchen of Fire." It said so over the opening.

Later we walked around the area and Isabel got sprinkled with fairy dust by a cast member with a wand. Not understanding HOW this could possibly happen, Isabel said with awe....

"There's MAGIC at Downtown Disney, Mom!!"

I love that she's 6 going on 6.

More pictures for another post.

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