Monday, September 20, 2010

Smile and say "Quack!"

I was looking at pictures on Facebook. Several showed people making a face that on the internets is called The Duckface. So I went to Google (pronounce it Goo-GLE', like you're French and Cool; we do!), typed in Duck face and voilĂ !!

I lost me some GOOD minutes on this site. It's like a car accident. I couldn't stop looking. Why? WHY?!?!? (Pssst, it's not sexy.)

I asked my Facebook friends to "Show me your Duckface!" Several did. I could not find a single one of me doing this. Ha!! Go me.

I promised though that I would take one. During dinner Saturday night at Buca Di Beppo (FUN! A combined anniversary/birthday treat), I made my duckface for the world to see.

Oh yea. The men are lining up at the sexy.

And because I am an equal opportunity Quacker...


(Jake, seriously. Shave.)

There you have it; the duckface. Now STOP IT!!


Hendel D'bu said...


I discovered that duckface site some time ago and laughed myself silly. What in the world?? When did making that face equate to looking sexy? Makes me think of those silly women who pump up their lips with botox...whatever!!

Too funny - you actually look pretty sexy with your duckface, but you look sexy anyway :-)

Love it, love it, love it! and love the male version, too!!


Niki said...

Are they just ALL failing at the Monroe lip-purse or do they all think that is actually what it is supposed to look like?

Anonymous said...

Once again you hit the nail on the head"

Should we all click the "like it" on Anti duckface