Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm Calling them "Vintage"

Once upon a time, I was a pack rat. Then after tons of moves (tons!) with my ex, I learned to throw things away. Sad sometimes [like when the ex donated a box of baby items that happened to be the one box of Jake's firsts (first outfit, first blanket made by a friend etc.) and I went ballistic], but a necessity if you moved as much as we did.

David (that would be my husband, not the ex) and his family keep a lot of things. A lot. It would surprise me to see Isabel taking a bath at my in-laws and learn that the tub toys she was playing with were the same tub toys my husband played with at age 3. They'd even produce the pictures as proof. (remind me to get those so I can post David at age 3 in the tub. ADORABLE.)

With the "keeping of the stuffs" came some really cool items! Fantastic things that we have received, like a picture given to us when David's grandmother died. It was given to David's grandmother in 1969 by the Nixon's. You know, the President and his wife. David's grandmother worked at the White House. It's over the piano, also given to us upon his grandmother's passing.

We got the cool Japanese China, the lovely necklace that made me cry and other furnishings for the guest room (one of the beds in the guest room here was David's high school bed) and the home.

We've also received clothes that belonged to David..when he was like 5-10 years old.

David's Star Trek shirt circa 1974 or so.

David's "Mork from Ork" shirt dated 1978.

David's other Star Trek shirt dated 1977 (they have the dated imprinted right on the shirts.)

The first two shirts are used as pajamas by Iz, (Mork has a hole in the back that I can't repair) but the last picture is her after coming home from school one day. :)

I'm calling them Vintage. And I shall make a mini-geek out of her yet - muah ha ha ha!


Hendel D'bu said...

OK, those are extremely cool! :-)

(love the model, too!)

Ari C'rona said...

Too fun! Love the trekkie shirt! :o)