Sunday, April 25, 2010

Entitlement...and stuff.

Entitlement. Is that word overused? Because it is currently my pet peeve. Not the word itself; its definition and actions.

We are surrounded by so much STUFF. We have so much stuff we need extra closets in our house or to rent storage facilities for it all. Why do we have so much stuff? We have this stuff and we see others with their stuff and we feel entitled to get more. More stuff.

We don't earn it, we don't work hard for it, we just deserve it, right? Because we're oh-so pretty.

Why work hard for it? Just give it to me. Look, I'm pouting and being rude! I'm even going to stomp my foot. Gimme what I want! I deserve it for doing absolutely nothing. How'd you get all that stuff? Why you? You're old and no fun. Why you? (Me? I studied, worked part-time crap jobs while I got a degree, got a job, kept the same job for over 15 years, invested, sacrificed, saved. That's how.)

I don't want to sacrifice now. I'm young. I want to have fun now. I'll worry about the future later. But I have no money now, so I'll charge it. Better yet, someone buy me things. What? No? *stomp foot*

[I'm not even talking politics here. I am talking young people (and some not-so-young too) who think that others need to give, give, give because they're special by just being them. The world owes them something for nothing.]

We've been coddled and told how special we are, even when we come in 5th place. We get those awards for "just being special" in school. What? They don't give those out in life? Gimme!

Um. No. Get a job and work hard at it. Be good at it. Pay a bill, save for your kids' futures (you know, those creatures you made and are responsible for?), stop spending $$ on stuff you don't need. Be responsible; I promise it'll work. Stop upgrading every 6 months. That phone is fine. That computer is fine. No, you don't need to keep up with the Jones' because you can't. You need to contribute to society for society to care back.


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