Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Fun

Saturday, Jake stayed home (post-surgery) and my sister Brenda and I took Isabel to the church down the road to enjoy their Easter Eggstravanaza. Brenda was so taken with the whole thing, especially the fact that it was open to the public, and free!

The had separate areas for Easter egg hunts. This one below was for the babies up to two years old.

They had a carnival-like setting. Booths with fun games for little ones to enjoy.

Ring Toss,

milking a "cow,"

and tossing horse shoes were just some of the fun things she did.

Can you see the frog mid-air in the picture below?

Below was the section for kids in Kindergarten to 2nd grade. The limit was 15 eggs per child. I thought "good luck with that."

David arrived just as they let the kids go. Isabel diligently counted "One, two three.." up to 15, and stopped.

Here she proudly shows off her 15. A church volunteer dumped more eggs into her basket and Isabel replied "But I already have 15." The woman told her to go ahead and get more, so she did.

Before leaving to go home and meet the nurse for Jake, we all stopped to enjoy a free meal of hot dogs, chips, cookies and choice of beverage. Free.

We had a fun family morning.

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Big Sis said...

"OMG, THIS IS FREE?!" lol.