Tuesday, March 16, 2010

¿Que Pasa? Nada.

Nothing new, peeps. Well, nothing interesting. Made some cookies (posts over on the other blog) and the dryer has decided to not dry as well. We're not sure if it's the dryer itself or the vents. We unplugged it, moved it, cleaned the inside area of the dryer, used the vaccum to clean the hose that goes out of the house, but still no go. The only thing we have not done is clean the vent on the roof. Why?

YOU want to climb up on the roof? I certainly don't. *sigh* (that's my mom, not me, btw) lol

So we might call around and see some companies that will do it. Or maybe David will be nuts and do it himself. We'll see.

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Hendel D'bu said...

Gosh, it looks so dry and warm there. *sigh*