Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Her Fault!

See, it's my sister, Brenda's fault! :) She totally spoils my kids. It's not me; I'm a curmudgeon (and cheap to boot.)

Today Isabel received a Birthday Box Bonanza from her Titi (auntie) Brenda, my older sister. (She's the only one older than me, the other 3 are younger. )

Brenda kind-of went a little crazy. OK a LOT crazy with the gift giving. She asked me to take a video of Isabel opening her gifts. The quality is low because I wanted as much time as possible to tape it. It's about 7 minutes (an eternity to our even-shrinking patience for information; but that's a post for another time). Also, I'm kind-of loud. Mainly because I am right by the speaker. Also, I am usually loud.

Woo. I'm loud. Anyway...

Eating Goldfish crackers with her fancy gloves.

Her Moxie doll with skates

Fancy Nancy

Isabel's matching outfit.

Ooh La La!

The rest of the gifts: A bunny, four Fancy Nancy books, a flower headband, some more headbands, barrettes a necklace and some ceramic pieces to paint. (She's mad at me because I won't let her use her water colors on them.)

And here's where she was when I came back downstairs after having gone up to load the video to YouTube.

Thank you Brenda. Loca!


Big sis said...

Boy that was great, thx for sharing. Love 2 C Izzy Smile!

Oh la la, you know I'm LOCA....;)

Hendel D'bu said...

WOW! How in the world are you gonna top that one next year?? lol!

Yeah, I watched most of it...and you didn't sound too loud to me. :-)