Thursday, March 19, 2009

Waaaah! We love you Disney!

The day after her birthday party, we took Isabel and Jacob to eat lunch with the characters at Magic Kingdom. It was something we wanted to do before our passes expire in April. [She'd had a week-long birthday-palooza! Actual birthday at the Magic Kingdom getting free stuff from Disney (03/01), birthday party (03/07) and Disney Character Lunch (03/08). We don't normally spoil them, I swear!] I am a bad, bad liar.

We arrive at our table. They had strewn confetti and curly papers all over the table, in honor of Isabel's (late) birthday.

As we arrived, Piglet had already been by our section. Isabel was crushed. Our waitress assured us Piglet would be by again.

I love this man!

We ate at the Crystal Palace. They had a fantastic buffet, and for Disney, the prices were not bad at all. The buffet had a carving table (steak and pork), salads, sides galore, plus desserts like mad. We really enjoyed the food.

Isabel was so excited to meet Tigger!

Bouncing with the Tigg-meister.

One happy gal. She intentionally asked for her bow to be like that, so she could look like Minnie Mouse.

It's me! Move on.

Isabel, Jake & Eeyore, my favorite. At one point, Isabel and I joined a character conga line. Jacob has a video on his phone I need to get from him.

The waitress brought Isabel a cupcake and a card, signed by the characters.

From Once More With Feeling

We never did get to see Piglet.

So now, our passes expire. I am SO SAD! Torn, I am, TORN! We spent almost 2 years saving off and on for these passes. A little bit here, a little bit there. We could actually renew our passes this year, but it seems so frivolous! It seems so wasteful with the way things are. I want to be a squirrel and store it away...NO I want to SPUR the economy by buying passes...NO, I want a fence in the backyard....NO I want a vacation this summer..NO I want another year of awesomeness at Disney!


We love you Disney. It was been one fantastic year.


Kristin aka kjnohr aka Trekkie Gal said...

I have never been to any Disney park, so I think you were very lucky to be able to go whenever you wanted for a whole year. :)

Gramatrick said...

I'm sure you'll choose the right thing for your family, and I'd be torn if the choice was Disney for a year or summer vacation....but I think I'd pick the Disney passes.

You're only little once.

Anonymous said...

Go for the passes crazy lady... Oh and we did the breakfast at the palace when I we went. It was incredible.

Kellis said...

If you think you would get as much use out of them, and go as frequently as you did this year, I say renew. (Very easy for me to say too - all the way over here! haha). You guys had a BLAST this year and TOTALLY got your $$ worth. Sometimes you just gotta indulge a little. And it's family fun!