Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dollhouse Episode 3 - Stage Fright

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I watched episode 3 of 'Dollhouse' this Friday, titled "Stage Fright."

How long can the show's premise be viable? Echo's this Doll who each and every week is going to get into jams, and they're not going to decommission her for it? (I know they threatened to put her in the "attic," whatever that means). If you are an expensive yet hush-hush company, why would you risk yourself by putting out a Doll that is a danger-magnet? After a while, you catch a clue.

Two weeks ago, she's this hard core nature woman, until crazy guy threatens to hunt her, then she can't run without falling all over the place. This week's episode, with the singer lady, was bad. I cared not one iota for the singer. She was just horrible. Echo is programmed to be a background singer for a pop diva with a capital "B," and she's also programmed with "kick butt" mode that kicks in if anything wrong or bad happens to diva. We get to hear Eliza sing. Glad that's out of the way.

They send Sierra, another Doll we've already seen, in to back Echo up. Sierra gets kidnapped by the psycho stalker...and Sierra's kick butt training does not kick in? In the beginning, they said Sierra was there to back Echo up, but she sits there snivelling, still in "character?"

Also, how long is the FBI going to let Agent Ballard look for the Dollhouse? (side note: I did not see Russian dude coming; they got me good there.) Doesn't Ballard have other FBI work to do?

I like Eliza, EXCEPT when she's acting as "brain-wiped" Echo. I know she's supposed to be "innocent" but the acting when she's brain-wiped annoys me.

Someone in the blogosphere mentioned the "big picture;" looking at it as a whole. I totally agree with this guy here. Maybe it's like one of those hidden-image pictures. You know the kind, where you have no idea what the heck it is, until you stare at it for a long time and the image magically appears? Maybe one day, I'll see the big picture on this one. I am REALLY REALLY hoping.

Sad thing is, I have never ever seen the images in those hidden magic pictures. :(

I want less "Monster of the Week" and more reveal, more "Alpha," more "why did she volunteer for this?" That's the goods right there. I know the good are coming, right? I'm hanging in, Joss.

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