Monday, December 15, 2008

The Whole Famn Damily!

We were invited to Jacob's dad's side of the family's Christmas party, even David (he didn't go). Jake's paternal family is a flippin' riot. The Cleaver's they are not, which is probably why I love them so.

Take for instance his Grandpa, my ex-father-in-law. Ex Marine, take no bull Man. Hysterical, Loyal, 100% Republican, 0% P.C. We're at the formal dining table (the plethora of teens are outside on the pool deck eating and playing on the X-Box). Not sure what the conversation was about, but ex father-in-law ends a sentence with a remark about Hispanics. My eyes lock with his oldest son, my ex's big brother, (my ex was not there) and he drops his head, exclaiming "Dad!!" . Meanwhile, I'm trying not to spit out my wine laughing. Ex Father-in-law says something like "Ahhhh, she knows me" and I do.

Isabel playing in the back yard with 2 other kids (out of picture range)

My ex-sister-in-law even got Isabel a gift. A Play-Doh Craft Caddy. Denise, Play-Doh? Have I hurt your feelings in some way? You give the daughter of a neat freak Play-Doh? :)
Isabel loves it, by the way. Thank you do much for thinking of her. She's not even a blood relative of theirs and they get her gifts.

The night with Jake's family was a great time full of too much food, sweets, fun and gifts. Thanks all!

And so we come full circle to gifts and my not wanting to spend $$ on gifts this year. I told David I was not doing it. He could shop if he wanted to, but I was too stressed in my daily "wake up, commute, work 8 hours, commute home, cook dinner, bathe Isabel, clean dishes, work-out, take a shower, surf the web, go to bed at midnight" routine. I'm pretty sure my agenda is full. He tried. He hated it. I laughed. It's not easy and it is not fun.

I'm pretty sure the three wise men did not mean for us to be spending our hard earned money on useless gifts to "honor" Jesus.

I'm also pretty sure the Magi did not intend to have people say we should have planned better for Christmas (Um, we DID. It's called NOT buying anything.)

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