Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Digital Fortress

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Dan Brown's "Digital Fortress" was....a Dan Brown special. If you haven't read any Dan Brown, then you may not know what I mean. If you have ("Angels and Demons", "The DaVinci Code"), then you know that his books deal with intrigue and suspense. There are more twists and turns than the Tail of the Dragon highway. You know the bad guy's going to be someone you least (or if you're used to Mr. Brown, the most) suspect.

Detractors of this book cite all the math inconsistencies they find. This doesn't make sense, that doesn't make sense. I, not being a math person, do not care. There were several paragraphs describing scientific theorems, data, etc. I have no clue if they were right or wrong. They were informative, not boring at all, and I enjoyed them.

The U.S.'s top secret code-cracking division is being "held hostage" by an unbreakable code and have to find a way out of the mess before it puts US Intelligence, and the world's security, in crisis. Head code-breaker Susan is called in to help and has to figure out who is the good guy, who is the bad guy and how to stop the mess.

The book was fast-paced, a little "Dan Brown" formulaic, but I enjoy his work.

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Niki said...

I didn't enjoy this one as much as some of his others, but it was okay.