Thursday, December 11, 2008

The New Policeman


This book is considered young adult fiction. I am in an on-line book club, and the book chosen for January was "The Last of the High Kings" by Kate Thompson. Upon researching, I found that "The Last of the High Kings" was book two in a series. Well, shoot, I want to read book one first!

"The New Policeman" is set in current time (Contemporary Fiction) Ireland and follows the Liddy family, who felt very extravagant to me; their family has a dark stain on their past that has never been solved. They are a music loving family. It's in their souls. They hold ceili's (dances) in their barn on Saturdays, where members of the Liddy family, along with others musicians play and people dance the night away.

The book deals a lot with lack of time. There's not enough time to get anything done. Everyone is rushed, everyone is exasperated, kids don't play because they have so many things to do. Everyone is exhausted trying to keep up. I very-much related to everyone feeling this way. Our protagonist is a young teen, J.J. Liddy, who is 14-15. When J.J. asks his mom what she wants for her birthday, she says "time."

Thus we enter a supernatural world with Irish Folklore, Gods, Talking Goats, Time Leaks and the explanation of the Liddy's past blemish to their name.

I enjoyed the Irish tale and am glad I read it before moving on to "The Last of High Kings."

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