Friday, December 19, 2014

October Nails

Lovely new  polish from KB Shimmer "Jack."

Continuing to catalog my polishes

Design by "IHaveACupcake" on YouTube.

Using some stamp plates.

Another "IHaveACupcake" design.

Got new polishes for my birthday from my sister, so I had to throw them in randomly.

Halloween Design by "IHaveACupcake."

The last of the polishes and some nail stamping.

102 polishes as of October 31, not counting top coats, base coats and extra blacks and whites I have.  This number will change as I just got 4 mini bottles at a company Christmas party and I asked for more for Christmas.


Niki said...

That "Jack" polish is great. Do i need to go to a beauty supply place to find it or do you think i can find it in a drugstore?

Kaaren said...

"Jack" is only sold on-line.