Monday, December 2, 2013

Beauty & the Beast, Random Design, I Love N.Y. and Present from Dad

Beauty & the Beast nails from "I Have A Cupcake" on YouTube.

This set below drove me crazy. I was trying some nail art tape (really thin tape used to make designs).  It was tricky working with the tape, and then the Sally Hansen gold I was using would NOT dry. I had to re-do four nails and I was pretty much over it.

I really liked this next manicure.  Several cool things going on here.  First of all, the "I Love NY" polish is a Whimsy polish created at home by Pam of  "Whimsical Ideas By Pam" on Facebook.   She has no store front, just her Facebook page with tons of pictures of her amazing polishes, plus instructions on how to order via her email and Paypal.  Here are just a few of her homemade polishes:

NOT my manicure. I WISH.

I purchased "I Love NY" from her 2012 Holiday collection.  It's a clear base with tons of fun glitter.  I layered it on top of white and black polish on my ring and pinky.  Then I used my Konad stamper and Cheeky stamping plate and stamped Lady Liberty on my middle fingers.  The other 2 fingers were just a random waterfall design using red, white, black and silver.   This is my first successful stamping and I am really excited about it.  

Finally, my dad posted a picture of someone's HUGE nail polish collection. I countered back with a picture of this nail polish stand that I wanted.   A week later, it was at my door. Early Christmas gift. THANKS DAD!!

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Niki said...

I am loving seeing all of your nails and congrats on that awesome polish stand.