Sunday, October 27, 2013

Orlando's Creative City Project & EMP

The City of Orlando takes part in the Creative City Project.

Jacob was part of this event as part of EMP (Electronic Mobile Performance) with Stetson Professor Matt Roberts and another Stetson student, Joe Palermo.   From EMP's site:

EMP: Electronic Mobile Performance is a collaborative, multimedia project involving faculty and students from Stetson University’s Digital Arts program. The group’s primary mission is to explore collaborative artistic production using new technologies and to find new ways of presenting art outside of traditional venues. EMP is directed and founded by Matt Roberts, an Associate Professor of Digital Arts at Stetson University.

Jacob invited me to be there at the 8:30 p.m. performance.  Duh.  Like I'm not going.  Isabel and I drove to Downtown Orlando and parked right around the corner from where their first performance was set up.

I have a TON of footage.  I only uploaded the few Jacob really liked.  Video 3 has some of my favorite beats and also video 4, at around 7:50.

In this one, they're just setting up.  Jacob's in the black t-shirt, Joe's in the white t-shirt and Professor Matt's in the green t-shirt.

This one, video 1, is about 13 minutes long.  It's their first of 4 sets.  They get going right around 2:08.
Notice that the video being reflected on the balloon is set to react to the bass in the music.

This one's a short one.

This one has some good beats.

Video 4 was right at the end and my battery ran out.  Skip to about 7:50 to see my favorite part.  They start a really good jam, and then the battery dies, OF COURSE. After about an hour and a half, they were done and I had to get my gal home.  EMP moved to another location downtown near the LYNX terminal and did a second performance.

I'm so happy to see him performing again.  I have VERY MUCH missed seeing him singing and performing.



That's what I'm talking about!
My grandson has an innate ability given by God!
Keep it up Jake, love you
Grampa de Tampa. :)

♥♦Bren Duh♦♥ said...

Go Jake!

please tell that lady to get out of the way :P