Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween Nails & Marvel Super Heroes

These are my "Dexter" blood-splatter nails

Marvel Nails Left Hand (done with right hand.) Hulk, Thor, Iron Man,
Captain America & Spiderman. Designs found on Google Images. Not sure
who the originator was.

Marvel Nails Right Hand (painted w/my left hand): From thumb, we have The Thing, Wolverine,
Human Torch, Cyclops & Nick Fury.  Except for Wolverine, all my original designs.

Quick candy corn nails.

Halloween Monsters.  The thumbs were a mummy.
Left hand designs from "IHaveaCupcake" off
YouTube. Right hand designs (the bodies) by me.

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Niki said...

The heads and bodies are great. I am loving your new found talent