Saturday, July 28, 2012

Reunion Saturday and Talent Show

We woke to grey skies and cool weather.  Isabel decided she wanted to go boating with family members, but quickly changed her mind when she felt the cool winds.

We played mini-golf instead.
Third-cousin Charlotte, Isabel and Jacob
 After lunch,  Isabel went for a hike with David and her first cousin Juliette, while Jacob went to play tennis with Clyde and *I* went to the house to read, shower and relax.

We got ready for dinner (I had a cute up-do)

It's a braid, but my hair's so dark, you can't see it.

(Oh, the night before I had my hair done real cute too and got lots of comments.  Hair twists.  I did not take a picture, but it looked like this picture below, only MUCH better.  I had good hair luck for the reunion.)

Then, it was time for the annual talent show.  The fact that this family gets together every 2 years AND we have a talent show just floors me.  Sure, it may be hokey, but I LOVE IT!

Here are a few samples of the talent show.  These below.....are my in-laws.  For reals!  They are awesome!

This is pretty odd but fun!  A nose flute.  Uh huh.

There were people singing, playing guitar and doing gymnastics.

Some people showed videos, others read letters commemorating loves ones who had passed since the previous reunion.

David's sister and family did a long skit based on Disney music.

There were games, interviews and some really funny clog dancing.  Sort-of.  See below.

I laughed so hard.

And finally, the show's closing.

Family is SO MUCH FUN!

We went back to the chalet, changed into pj's, put the girls to bed with a movie and played Pictionarry until past midnight.

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Niki said...

After years of hearing about the Talent Show it was awesome to see video. Thanks for sharing.