Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rainy Family Reunion Thursday & Friday

Our first two days at the reunion, Thursday & Friday were cool and rather dreary.    The weather channel LIED, I say!

But nothing can deter us from family fun!  Thursday night,  we unpacked at the chalet and headed to the lodge for dinner and then the boat house for our hellos.  Nothing much happening Thursday night.  Many were still arriving late that evening and early Friday.


 Cousins at Victoria's Chalet
Cousins in the chalet.

Jacob F
That wall paper!

Silly cousins
Silly cousins, at breakfast in the lodge.

Dreary day
Gray day at the boat house.

Skipping Rocks
Skipping stones.  From Left to Right: David's brother Justin, David's brother-in-law Leif, David, Jacob and cousin from the Philippeans, Clyde.

Dreary Thursday in W Va.

Family singing
Friday afternoon singing after lunch at the boat house.   We had a little over 100 relatives there.

Even with all the drizzle and gray skies, we played games like

Juliette & AJ

It's croquet
croquet and even some

Tennis anyone?

Going for a ride

The girls played on the playground& and then decided it would be cool to catch some crayfish. Ew.

Crawfishin' Cousins


We headed back to the house, played some board games with the family and crashed hard, ready for more fun on Saturday.

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