Thursday, June 28, 2012

College Decisions: UCF

Continuing on the University front:  We also received confirmation that Jacob got accepted to the University of Central Florida.  This caused a rather large dilemma.

Almost all of Jacob's closest friends are going to UCF.  UCF is HUGE.  HUGE!  TONS of things to do.  Super on the campus life.  And because it's a State University, the prepaid college plan I paid into pays 100% of his fees (not books).  That, with his scholarships, would have meant he would get money back every year.

With his friends going there, and the financial aspect looking really good, Jacob was very-much leaning towards UCF.  He was torn between the amazing education Stetson could provide versus being with his friends and UCF and not having to pay a dime.

I took a half-day off of work and he &  I headed to a tour of UCF.  It was wonderful.  *I* wanted to go there after the tour . Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so I did not take any pictures.  The Student Union alone made me want to go there.  The huge sports facility, free to students, has a rock climbing wall, indoor tracks, workout equipment. It was amazing. I was seeing Jacob lean towards UCF.

That same week, Jacob went back with several friends to do an obstacle course at night.  He had a blast.   Another day that week, he went with a friend who is already signed up to start in the fall.  Jacob wanted to visit the Music program.

That night he told me he was disappointed in their music program.  It was not as extensive as Stetson's.   After visiting UCF for the 3rd time, to see the music school, his mind was made up. He chose Stetson.

I am so beyond proud of him.  He chose based on what each school had to offer for his future career goals, not for the fun he could have.  Besides, he can hang with all his friends at UCF whenever he wants; it's only 1/2 hour away.


Niki said...

So happy for everyone.
Will Jacob live on campus?

Kaaren said...

No Niki. Not year 1. It's like 25 minutes away. I DO want him to live on campus, but it's really expensive and we don't have the moolah.