Monday, June 25, 2012

College Decisions: Stetson

Jacob applied to a few schools; UCF, Stetson University, Seminole State College, and ..I can't remember the others.  Daytona Beach maybe?  The main two were University of Central Florida and Stetson University.

Stetson is a Private University here in Central  Florida.   We've been there a few times for music clinics, concerts, etc.  It has an amazing Music School and half of Jacob's choir was dying to get in.  Did I mention private?  That means big bucks.  He applied but I was a little skeptical that he could even attend.

Then, during the last week of May, we got an envelope.

I saw the envelope in the mailbox on Friday and the text messages began.  "OMG, I think Jacob got into Stetson! There's a big envelope in here!!"  My mother-in-law Tricia's funny reply was something to the effect of "I hear they send rejection notices in big envelopes now."   I walked in the house, handed him the envelope and told him to open it before I had a heart attack. He was accepted. He immediately ran upstairs to post on Facebook while I sent a flurry of text messages to everyone. I knew we could not afford it, even with the Florida Prepaid plan, but we were totally excited. A few minutes later, he comes back down. "Um, mom?"  He hands me a letter from the University. They're giving him $19,000 a year in scholarships. I started jumping up and down and crying. Yes, on my just-surgeried (I'm making words up) knee. I did not care. I was so HAPPY!!

Then, a few days later,  it got better.  We received another note. The school came up with more $$ for Jake. Instead of $19k for the year, they're giving him about $15,000 a term; $30,000.00 per year. Tuition and fees are $36,644.00. We have to come up with $6,000.00 a year! NOT COUNTING THE PREPAID PLAN I PAID FOR!  God is good all the time. All the time, God is good.  I was beyond happy.

We decided to tour Stetson.  It was a rainy day.  I took off work, and David, Jacob and I went to the tour (Isabel was in school.)

They were ready for us.  :)

Out in the rain we went.

The music building is meant to look like piano keys.

It was a beautiful tour, rain and all.

Then, UCF happened.  More to come...

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Ari C'rona said...

That is absolutely awesome! Mazel tov, Jake!