Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Good, The Meh and The REALLY Bad

The Good:

Percy Jackson books Pictures, Images and Photos

David and I both read the entire Percy Jackson series and really liked it.  It's a YA series, so it's not grand literature, but the writing is good, the characters are fun and I loved the mythology brought to life in modern times.

Little Women Book cover Pictures, Images and Photos

I'd never read "Little Women," can you believe it?  It came free on my Barnes & Noble Nook (present) and so I decided to read it.  I enjoyed the sweet setting and the (to us now) silly girls.

The Meh:

Undead and Unworthy Pictures, Images and Photos
I think this is book 7; I lost track.  I also lost interest.  The characters aren't....changing? I don't know, the story lines are too alike in each book:  Betsy meets an adversary, curses a lot, discovers a new power, kicks butt.  And then there's Nick the cop, who is such an annoying human being, I don't understand how anyone can put up with him or why he is even in the books.  Real people don't act like him.  I am not sure I will continue with the series.

So the main character has a supermodel sister and a brain sister.  She's always gotten hand-me-downs and now as an adult, refuses anything that is old or used.  Cookies have to be from a fresh pack, milk has to be from a fresh carton each time, furniture must be brand new. She will never shop at a thrift store and antiques and antique stores make her hyperventilate.  She was so unrealistic, I was annoyed by her and did not like her as a person.


This is what I get for being cheap.  Truly.  It was a 99 cent download on my Nook.

Written with typos and grammar errors, this book was not worth the 99 cents I paid.  The main character was a rude, white trash girl.  She had a mouth worse than a sailor, hated her job, punched people a lot (and never got arrested??), was bitter and rude.  Can there really be such trashy people? Sure.  I have known one or two women like this, not as bad, but close.  Should there be books written about them? No.  And to top it off, she gets the hunky hunk in the end.  Because he's apparently brain-dead to be with her in the first place.


Niki said...

i loved the percy jackson books

Kellis said...

I don't think they are "cheap" for the kindle/nook, but check out The Immortal Nicholas Flammel series by Michael Scott. (That's what she said!!. Ok, not the same Michael Scott, but still!) It's a fun, YA fantasy series which feature a lot of real life historical chracters. It's a 7 book series, and book 6 was just released in May. So far, I'm enjoying this series MUCH better than Percy Jackson. (Which I just thought was ok. Not nearly as good as HP). Fablehaven by Brandon Mull is also an AMAZING (wonderful!!) series. I've passed it off to two other people, who couldn't put the books down. 5 books, all of which are out.

Anonymous said...

Joel likes the Percy Jackson books---the only thing I have gotten him to read so far.

And I liked Little Women many years ago too. Have you read the Secret Garden?

What about the Maximum Ride books? Jacob really liked those (also on the youth end).