Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sci-Fi Hoedown: Being Human Season 1

This review is for the BBC's "Being Human." The Sy-Fy Channel has their new series "Being Human" starting, calling it a "Sy-Fy Original." I'm not sure how that works as the BBC version already finished season 2 and is working on season 3.


The premise of the show is that three supes, a vampire named Mitchell, a werewolf named George and a ghost named Annie, who all share a flat and have a go at being human.

Mitchell fights against his bloodlust. He wants to forsake his vampire self and be good, but his past keeps dragging him down. George was attacked and turns into a werewolf once a month. A super-goofy intelligent guy, George detests what he is. He and Mitchell met, knowing what they each were, and moved into an apartment haunted by Annie, a very hyper girl with the self-confidence the size of a flea. She just wants to be with her boyfriend, whom she left behind when she died.

They each deal with their own problems separately, and sometimes the problems merge.

Annie tries to remember how she died, and with the help of her flat mates, she tries to exact revenge on the culprit. The local vampire regime wants Mitchell back in the fold. This affects all the flat mates as they work together to save Mitchell, and humanity, for the regime's evil plot to take over.

Overall, it's just six quick episodes. George, and his high-pitched squeal cracks me up and he gets the best lines. When he and Annie try to rescue Mitchell from the vampire regime, George yells "I'm looking for something to defend myself with. So far I have a whisk and I have my mobile phone recharger. What do we take, some crosses and garlic? I know, we should have watched more films. " Annie & George have a fight with the vamps that rivals the Xander/Harmony hair-pull-athon. After winning, George squeals "We're like the world's gayest ninjas!"

Mitchell is your typical torn dark vampire.

Annie...Annie needs to be smacked. I pretty much hated her character. She has NO backbone. She's a ghost and she gets intimidated by her murderer, who figures out she's trying to haunt him. Ugh. She's too hyper, she talks to much, her eye color alternated from blue to brown with no rhyme or reason and she won't stop making tea, although she can't drink it.

All in all, an enjoyable quick series, if you can get past the Annie character.

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