Tuesday, October 26, 2010

She and I...She and Me..We, ok?

Hello There,

Miss Manners again. I've been seeing a lot of "me" vs. "I" errors on ze old Book of Face, and thought I would share.

Read these sentences and tell me which one is correct.

1) This picture is of my daughter and I at the zoo.

2) This picture is of my daughter and me at the zoo.

Which one is right? That would be # 2. Why? Without getting into first person singular subject pronouns vs. object pronouns, yada yada, let me explain a quick rule I use. Remove the "daughter" part of the sentence. Would you say "This picture is of I at the zoo?" No, you'd say "This picture is of me at the zoo."

3) She and I* went to the store for shotgun shells.

4) She and me* went to the store for shotgun shells.

Which is right? # 3. Again, remove the other person. Would you say "I went to the store" or "Me went to the store?"

One more time!

5) Mom told Brenda and I to clean up our room.

6) Mom told Brenda and me to clean up our room.

Remove Brenda (Sorry, sis! I'll clean it!) and see which one is correct.

Easy Peasy!

*edited by order of the Jedi Council.


Hendel D'bu said...

What an easy trick! But, you didn't give any examples of when "she and I" would be correct... :-)

Kaaren said...

Ok, how about now?

Ari C'rona said...

Love the lesson - thanks! :o)

Hendel D'bu said...

Alrighty then! Thanks for the clarification :-)

I may have to refer to this post later to refresh my memory, I think...I'm getting older, y'know :-P

Niki said...

I use that trick all the time.
Doesn't everybody?
I mean, obviously not, but it is so easy. Why, people, why?
Thanks for sharing yet another way that the mass make me weep for humanity. :-)

Kellis said...

Thanks for the lesson!! I shall now go off to Facebook and check out ALL of my photo captions. ;)