Friday, October 22, 2010

School Concert

Jacob had another school concert. *I* need a better video camera. The big one we have records to small cassettes and does not connect to our computer. Yes, I checked. Yes, I went on the manufacturer's web site.

This concert shows off the talents of the Jazz band, drum line, men's chorus, women's chorus, Encore (elite) chorus, dancers, Jazz dancers, flag corp., guitarists, etc. etc. It's a great way for the kids to showcase their talents.

The night was marred, yet again, by rowdy students who do not know how to act. They believe they are either at a pep rally, club or monster truck rally. And it's not just the kids. People were talking, getting up in the middle of performances, YELLING names when their favorite performer came on stage. So uncouth.

Band members all around the audience, playing, while others dance on stage.

(I don't understand why Blogger lets some pictures get clicked to be made bigger and some not. I am uploading them at the same time. Grr. This one below, you can see larger.)

The men's choir. Jacob is on the left side, right above the piano player.

Jacob was in the men's choir presentation as well as the Encore chorus. The performers were set up in all all areas and corners of the auditorium, which was fun. Unfortunately, where I sat, I could not see Jacob at all when Encore performed. He's WAY to the right, so all you can see of him is a floating microphone that he's holding, and at one point, his hand pointing. :)

Enjoy "The Ballad of Sweeney Todd."

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The Foil Hat said...

Wow - they're very good, Kaaren. Sorry the crowd was so rude, though and I wish we could have seen Jacob. They sounded great!