Thursday, July 8, 2010

Uh, what? True Blood's Latest Episode

You know I love "Buffy" and "Angel." I love "Supernatural" too. This does not mean that I love all vampire lore.

I'm pretty sure I am not interested in watching HBO's "True Blood" anymore. The show is loosely based on the books, which I have been reading and enjoying. I get that the tv show veered from the books, for action sake, but I'm pretty much over the soft porn and violence of it all. I'm over the gratuitous sex, the characters who died in the books that are still alive in the show, and vice-versa and also, I can't stand Anna Paquin's acting. Her southern accent drives me fruity.

This past Season 3 episode (# 27: It Hurts Me Too) was pretty much it for me. The final, disgusting scene with Bill and his maker, what's-her-name, was gross and senseless. Again, gratuitous sex. I can already see the storyline developing with Sam's "parents" taking advantage of him (never happened in the books) and I am not liking it either. I was watching this episode on my dvr and wishing it were over.

And WHO in their right mind thought that the new vampire Franklin was attractive? Ew. Gross. In the books, he's a mature business vamp. He's just...greasy in the show.

I think I'll stick to the books and let Ms. Harris' story play in my head, rather than accept what HBO is giving us.

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