Monday, July 5, 2010

Full-House Weekend

No, we didn't watch the John Stamos/Olson Twins show all weekend.

We had a house full o' family. We started with David's parents on Wednesday and Thursday evening. Then we had David's sister, husband and four kids Friday through Sunday nights. My in-laws came back Sunday evening to spend the night, so that evening, July 4th, we had 12 people (counting ourselves) in the house.

Here are some photos of the Fourth of July weekend activities.

A ghost tucks Isabel in.

I start baking some cakes.

The cousins head to a local water park, after an attempt to go to a State park on July 3. BAD idea. Over an hour wait to get in to the park.

On Sunday July 4th, everyone headed to the beach, except for Jake and me. Why? July 4th, at the beach. Also, I really, really, really, do not like going to the beach. Too much work.

Everyone came back from the beach. Shower, shower, bath, clean! Time for dinner. We had chicken, bratwurst and hot dogs on the grill. Potato chips, corn on the cob, potato salad and baked beans were our sides.


Then it was time for fireworks.

Remember these?

It started to rain even before we got into anything good in my sister & brother-in-law's stockpile of goods, so we went in to wait out the rain.

Eventually, the rain did go away.

Isabel and Uncle Leif hold a Roman Candle up.

The next morning, David's sister and her family left for the Disney area for more of their vacationing down there. We went with David's parents and Jake's girlfriend to Daytona Lagoon.

The second place holder of the mini-golf challenge, my father-in-law. I came in last.

After lunch and bidding David's parents a safe trip home (they left from Daytona Lagoon straight towards home), we went back for some air-conditioned fun.

Sarah and Jacob.

Now, we four are lounging. Jake is asleep, David and Isabel are playing Lego Harry Potter, and I am ignoring the laundry I have to do and the floors I have to clean.
Hope you all had a wonderful 3-day weekend and God Bless America.


Hendel D'bu said...

Livin' vicariously through you, my friend. Great pics and I love, love, love that cake!


Big sis said...

Thanks for sharing looks like Fun and also made me tired thinking about all you had to