Monday, February 9, 2009

The Tale of Despereaux


I read Ms. DiCamillo's "Because of Winn Dixie" and also saw the movie. I enjoyed her writing style. Plus, Niki loved this book, so I used Christmas gift cards to purchase it (*grumble grumble* I don't like that it has a "Now a Major Motion Picture" blurb on it. *grumble grumble*)

A Young Adult book (ages 7-12), this book is "cutely" written. Is that a word? I enjoy how the author is a story teller and speaks to us, gentle reader, as if we were sitting on the floor, hearing her read. She stops to explain things, to warn what is going to happen, pauses to explain the past, etc. Like an old friend telling you a story.

Despereaux the mouse is born tiny, with too-big ears and an even bigger thirst for knowledge, adventure and love. He won't behave like a mouse is supposed to! He's a gallant knight off to save his beloved princess. There are good guys, bad guys (rats! ew), silly guys and gals (a king who forbids soup. Despereaux's overly-dramatic French mom - loved her), naive nincompoops (Miggery Sow) and of course, a Princess named Pea.

It's a story about love that knows no limits or sizes. A love that will never be quite requited, but that is full of friendship and hope. A story of broken hearts (and ears) that mend a tad crookedly.

And soup.

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Niki said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!
Glad that you read it.