Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dollhouse - The Target (ep.2)

Let's discuss 'Dollhouse,' shall we?

First, episode 1 was not my cup of tea. I did not feel even a teensy bit o' Joss or Mutant Enemy. Then I hear it wasn't Joss' original pilot.

Stupid FOX. Won't they ever learn? Three words: Firefly dvd sales. Enough said.

So, episode 2, "The Target," was seen as a stronger episode than 1 by the 'net folks out there. We are starting to see an arc; Alpha and his focusing on Echo. Why leave her when he killed everyone else around her? Joss is setting up the season's "big bad," me thinks, and we know how good Joss is with paying off on the arcs.

I didn't get how Echo could one minute be Miss Bad-@$$ woodman girl and the next she
can't run without falling down. How's that imprint working there for ya? I did like seeing how she's remembering her past imprints. Now we see what's starting for her; memories.

Which makes me wonder what happened to her that caused her to voluntarily sign up for this life.

Also, I am enjoying Tahmoh Pinikett (Helo!) as Agent Ballard. I saw him on Attack of the Show, on G4 Thursday or Friday, and he said Joss wrote the character with him in mind; Joss is a huge BG fan. How great is that for Tahmoh? Lucky!

WHAT is Mr. Dominic's deal with Echo? Is it just because she's such a huge security risk? He was really rude to brain-wiped, doe-eyed Echo. Loved the fist-to-shoulder thing though. It showed she understood just a bit that she was being mocked by Dominic.

I liked seeing back story on Langton. Harry Lennix is a darned good actor; I loved him in '24.' The banter with him and Topher (the one about the screaming, the blood, etc.) was good but it was the only 'Joss' banter I heard. Why is everyone so serious, Joss? I mean, Fred's got scars! I want Joss-speak! I want wit and humor, dagnabit.


The Foil Hat said...

You are WAY nicer than I am. We watched and I'm done. I so wanted Joss to succeed, but he can't drag me through that train wreck (said in my most respectful voice)

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Dollhouse has a permanent place in my heart for reasons I do not care to disclose. I read that we will not see the funny that we expect from Whedon shows in the next 2 episodes that have been released to critics, but I have no doubt that it will come.

Just keep in mind that you know it will all pay off. He hasn't steered us wrong yet, right?


Kristin aka kjnohr aka Trekkie Gal said...

Just an FYI, making a new pilot was JOSS's idea, not Fox's. The first pilot didn't go over well with test audiences. I can't imagine what it was like since the episode they showed wasn't very good.

Kaaren said...

Ahh, I read on the 'nets it was Fox's decision.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. I liked it a lot:


Kellis said...

Dude... Dollhouse better start getting good. I was not too thrilled with the pilot. The 2nd episode was good, but not great and I really didn't like the 3rd episode. Is Joss really working on this show?!? I can't tell AT ALL. I'm sad. I want to love it.

Richard said...

When they make the Obama movie, I hope they cast Harry Lennix.