Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Mickeys

Haven't felt bloggy lately, so here are some pictures of hidden Mickeys. I took a day off from work on Wednesday to go to Magic Kingdom with some friends who were down from Atlanta at the park.

In Minnie's house, she had a figurine with Mickey windows.

In Minnie's kitchen, pots and two pans hanging make the shape of Mickey's head.

In line to Goofy's Barnstormer, there are several towers holding cooling fans. Only one has this hidden Mickey scrollwork.

While in line for the Barnstormer, I happen to look down and see this..

Isabel is holding hands with a girl. That we don't know. It was funny. The girl just grabbed Iz's hand and she was alright with it. They held hands up to the front of the ride. It was a COLD day (for us Floridians) and the static was everywhere.

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Debbie said...

The pumpkin on Minnie's figurine is decidely Mickey-shaped, too!

And I love that you're wearing your Jayne Hat!