Thursday, January 1, 2015

You're Painting Your Nails Again?!?

This is what I hear from my husband almost every time I do my nails.

Let me explain something.  Although I love new designs, it's quite time-consuming to do and sometimes I adore what I am wearing BUT I cannot keep a manicure for more than two-three days tops.

I don't WANT to always be doing my nails.  I can't keep a manicure to last. It's not the nail polish brand; it happens no matter what.

Yes, I know to use a sticky base coat (Orly). Yes, I use a top-of-the-line top coat (Seche Vite or KB Shimmer's Top Coat.)  They just don't help.

I decided to track the life of a nail design.

This is Kermit. Kermit is SO CUTE!!!

The nail polish is called "Kermit the Frog" and it's from an independent nail polish maker in Miami, Whimsical Ideas by Pam.

The Kermit nail was done with acrylic paints covered in Seche Vite top coat.  This was done around 5 p.m. on a Monday night.

Tuesday around 4 p.m., 23 hours later, after 9 hours at work, I get in the Jeep, go to put my keys in the ignition and notice my right hand thumb.

This.  This is not even a day later.

The rest of the manicure is not too bad.  

24 hours later - left hand. A little wear on thumb tip.

24-hours later - Right hand

By the end of that Tuesday evening though, after dinner and dishes, this is what I have.

While watching tv at the end of day 1, I repaint the thumb and middle finger.

Day 2, Wednesday, 48 hours later:

I touch up my nails AGAIN.

Now we come to Thursday morning.  2 & 1/2 days later.

The acylic paints finally peeled off.  No repainting now!

Right doesn't look bad.  Remember, I repainted them last night.

Two and a half days, and two retouches later, I now have to do a new manicure because I am not about to repaint Kermit.  He took forever.  :(

This, my dear, is why I am doing my nails....again.

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Vicky/Bling/Sh0ewh0re7 said...

What helps me keep them a little longer is applying a top coat again the next day. I use Duri Rejuacote, it's a nail strengthener too! Makes my nails super hard, no cracking or peeling of layers of nails either. It's awesome. But you have to USE it for it to work. They also carry fast drying top coats and other stuff. But I just use Rejuvacote as a base coat and top coat. Also a ridge filler by Seche Vite. Try it. You can find it cheaper on ebay than on their website. Also some Bed Bath and Beyond stores carry it. Not sure about Sally Beauty, never looked.