Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Break 2014: Friday & Saturday

Friday, Isabel and I drove down to Orlando to go to the cake supply shop. Daddy was working in the morning this time.

Sadly, we don't have a cake supply store anywhere in our county or the next closest county. I have to drive 40 minutes to the nearest cake supply store.  I don't go to Michael's when I need to get fondant.  The only brand they carry is Wilton. GROSS.

We ate lunch at Chipotle and came back to relax/nap before we headed off to dinner at one of our Grow Group family's home.  It's a church thing. We're in small groups to get to know each other better. I really like our Grow Group and can't wait until David has a Friday night off when he can go. We meet every other Friday at someone's house, eat, have Bible study and talk time, while all the kids play. Just great fun.

Saturday, Isabel left around noon to go play at her best friend Lisa's house. They have a pool.  Enough said.

David was off the ENTIRE WEEKEND. You have no idea how rare this is.  We decided to air out our tent, as we have a church camp-out coming in April and we have not used the tent in...oh...about 9 years or so.  This lead to David and I (mostly David) clearing the heck out of one part of the garage.  I'd say he cleared/swept/rearranged about 1/5 of the garage.  He got a lot of work done.

We set up the tent first.


Hello there.

While the tent aired out, we consolidated boxes, cleaned doors, swept and re-swept the floor, washed camping dishes, pots and pans, and threw out a bunch of stuff.  Sadly, like I said, we only hit 1/5 of the mess in there.

Five hours after she left, Lisa's mom brought Isabel home. She was so excited to see the tent. She's been begging us to go camping for over a year.

Daddy sneaks a picture of me and my gal in the tent.

After taking the tent down and packing it away, David grilled some bratwurst and we dinner and YUMMY drinks.

Then, we watched "Frozen" again, this time with David.

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