Sunday, March 9, 2014

Art & Running

Every year, Isabel's school's P.E. department hosts a family fun run.  Apparently, I did not pay attention to the notices, because last year was the first year she and I attended.  Last year, the kids had the opportunity to submit a picture to have put on the shirts.  Isabel did not submit a picture.

This year, when I heard they were accepting pictures, I made SURE she did one. She was the first person to submit it, too, to the P.E. department head.


About two weeks later, David gets the call from Coach Taylor.  Isabel's drawing had been selected as the winner!!!

The two-mile Pride Prowl was yesterday, March 8.  David came with us.  We were happy about that.

Isabel's T-Shirt!!
Over 105 people ran, with Isabel's art on their shirts!  So exciting.

I wish I had gotten more shots of how large the group was, but I was more about being in the moment, than taking pictures.

Coach Taylor presents the artist to the school.

It was a lot of fun. Isabel took off with her BFF Lisa, while David and I walked with Lisa's parents, Teresa & Chuck.  At one point, David took off running to catch up to Isabel and ended up catching up to me, one lap ahead.  So I started running.  Yes, me and my knee; and it was not bad.  I ran and walked and ran, and caught back up with David, so we could complete the two miles together.  The knee IS sore today but not as bad as I thought it would be.

Having some water and tangerine at the end of the race.


♥♦Bren Duh♦♥ said...

Awesome! Awesome.
Did I say awesome?
Yes I did.

Niki said...

Nice to see you back.
Her T-shirt is paw-some!
BTW, she looks more and more like Jacob.